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Elvis Golg Nympha ( Litter E )

Our graduate male Elvis Gold Nymphа is one of the best graduates of the cattery.

Breed Cat, to date, it has opened the World Champion title!

He has received numerous awards and titles, as well as numerous offspring, and so does not stop there!

Very I wish him and his hosts Marina and Michael continued success in their careers and develop their own nursery!

Enisey Gold Nympha ( Litter E)

Our graduate male Yenisei Gold Nympha, pedigree cat, has WCF Champion title, awards and diplomas,

Lives in Tyumen, has offspring, as well as a wonderful hostess Marina and wish them great success in the future!

Honey Gold Nympha

Our graduate - female Honey Gold Nymphа breeding cattery Siberian Sapphire ( Kharkov (Ukraine)), has WCF GrandInterChempion title, numerous awards, and beauty, clever , has many descendants

Mishelle Gold Nympha

Mishelle was yesterday Best in Show female ❤️❤️

in Tallinn Estonia. She win for example Scandinawian Winner Norwegian forrest cat, so we are really proud of her.

Mishelle Gold Nympha EX1 NOM (1 vote in panel, wow

Thanks very much her wonderful hostess - Heli "!