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Kittens for you

Dear friends !

 In our kennel on March 14, 2018, kittens were born - litter "U" (block below)

When the kittens grow up, they will be vaccinated against various diseases twice, their mother will teach them how to use tray and kittens, and inject the necessary feline skills.

After reaching the age of 3 months and older, the kittens will be ready to move to the new owner.

And, although it is believed that Siberians produce less allergens than other breeds - we ask very well to think - is it worth buying a kitten if one of the members of the family is allergic.

Because the kitten is alive and it also stresses from relocations and from a change of residence and people to which he is accustomed. In the case of a return - such a kitten will not be accepted by his own mother and brothers, as in a few days he will acquire a stranger